[Wise Driving Life Guide Smart Care! We help customers who use SK long-term rental car to manage their car more easily and conveniently.]

스마트케어 - SK렌터카 차량관리 서비스 Screenshot
스마트케어 - SK렌터카 차량관리 서비스 Screenshot
스마트케어 - SK렌터카 차량관리 서비스 Screenshot
스마트케어 - SK렌터카 차량관리 서비스 Screenshot
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Mar 27, 2023
Introducing smart care that has become more convenient.
Smart Care, a guide to a wise driving life!

Customers who use SK long-term rental car are easier and more convenient
Let me help you take care of your car.

Contract confirmation, vehicle maintenance, etc.
All the care you need for your car
Easy and convenient at once with smart care.

# I'm curious about the vehicle pickup date
Check the preparation status of your contracted vehicle
You can check it through SmartCare.

# I'm curious about this month's rental fee
Check it out with Smart Care.
Inquiry of contract payment information as well as request for change
You can do it easily.

# Parking lot registration documents are required.
Need proof?
Download the necessary certificate right away with Smart Care.

# I don't know about accidents or maintenance
Registered maintenance service, inspection, and recall information
I can check Accident reporting and emergency dispatch
Smart Care is here to help.

# We need both the contractor and the driver.
Smart Care is a service with customers who have signed an SK long-term rental car.
It is available to all driving customers.