591 Find Properties has all the latest listings in 18 districts in Hong Kong, and it is super easy to find properties. Did Zhong Wei go to the building? Download 591APP now! The online property viewing has been greatly upgraded, with 4K aerial VR videos, you can easily view properties at home without driving out.

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Mar 27, 2023
591 free property search service:
1. New real estate listings: Check out the latest real estate listings in the 18 districts of Hong Kong, the latest listings are the priority, and you can check as many as you want!
2. Online property viewing: 4K aerial VR videos are provided, so you can easily view properties at home without driving out!
3. First-hand new properties: search for the latest first-hand new properties in Hong Kong, and promptly grasp the detailed information of new properties to help you make quick decisions to buy!
4. Real estate information: First-hand real estate market information, transaction information at any time, comprehensive interpretation of real estate policies!
5. Check transactions: The information is directly provided by the Land Registry. You can check the latest property transaction information in various districts in Hong Kong for free, and you can instantly grasp the new trends in the property market in Hong Kong, and be a smart consumer!
6. Instant messaging: When you see your favorite bamboo shoots, you can consult online immediately, anonymous communication without interruption!
7. Find houses on the map: Users can use the new function of finding houses on the map to search for nearby bamboo shoots, which is convenient and fast!
8. Detailed content: unit photos, information, feature descriptions, etc. are all available!
9. Quick contact: one-click dialing, whatsapp, online contact, message consultation and other functions to contact the owner or real estate agent!
10. Notification of new listings: Immediate notification of new listings, don't miss a bamboo shoot!
11. Favorite real estate: Save your favorite real estate with one click, so that you can quickly find it next time!

591 listing service:
1. Listing of rented listings: Both owners and real estate agents can publish, and the fastest transaction is within 3 days!
2. Sales listings: residential buildings, office buildings, industrial buildings, shops, parking spaces, land, and even overseas properties can be published!
3. Update sorting: Brand new real estate update function, grab buyers and get more contacts!
4. Modify information: Wrong real estate information? Additional details? The mobile phone can be modified anytime, anywhere!
5. Real estate replacement: The real estate has been sold, but the advertising space has not expired? The mobile phone is immediately replaced with other real estate for free, exhausting every minute and every second!
6. Closing the deal: The real estate has been sold, and the mobile phone can easily close the deal with one click.

More functions are being continuously improved, thank you for your attention and support!