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Further: Your News Aggregator Screenshot
Further: Your News Aggregator Screenshot
Further: Your News Aggregator Screenshot
Further: Your News Aggregator Screenshot
Further: Your News Aggregator Screenshot
Further: Your News Aggregator Screenshot
Further: Your News Aggregator Screenshot
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Mar 27, 2023
Introducing Further, the article search and news aggregator app for all your daily readings. With personalisation, Further provides you with a refined selection of magazine articles that are best suited for your needs from over 100 publications, magazines and several mediums; including real time technology updates, Google News and Medium articles. Our app utilises AI-powered personalisation for you to find articles, blog posts, news of the day and magazines that match your interests.

Get smarter with +50000 users worldwide!

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Want to take advantage of everything Further has to offer? Here's how:

— Download the Further app and select the topics that interest you, such as technology, lifestyle and culture, data science, business and marketing
— Allow our AI-powered personalisation engine to tailor the articles from our library of 100+ publications to your liking. Get refined contents that get smarter as you read
— Search magazine articles and skills that interest you
— As you read and explore, track your progress with badges and check out our Daily Digest for fresh content every day. Our recommendations get smarter as you use Further
— Personalise your reading experience by organising your bookmarks and curating lists in your personal library. Keep all your saved content in one place and access them offline
— Click on the notifications to read the news of the day on the topics that you follow


— Features +25M articles and videos
— +100 publications at your fingertips
— Ad-free content consumption
— Listen to your articles with our text-to-speech feature
— Get latest news of the day
— Track your progress with badges
— Smarter content suggestions with AI
— Explore new sources and discover new mediums
— Organise and customise your library
— Bookmark the content you want to read later or store in your library
— Improved user experience
— Subscribe with your email to receive your daily newsletter


With Further, receive informational online article recommendations and current news of the day tailored to your interests. Train our AI engine by bookmarking the ones that you want to read and searching for the topics you enjoy. Find the most suitable publications, magazine articles from your favourite online newspapers. Receive technology updates and Google News on your mobile device everyday.


Our text-to-speech feature makes it easy to incorporate learning into your daily life. Listen to any magazine articles anywhere. With Further, promoting your personal growth and reaching magazine articles, blog posts & news of the day refined to your needs is easier than ever.


As you consume content within a topic, Further awards you with verifiable badges. Track and share your badges on LinkedIn or any social media medium to showcase your skills. Make use of your verifiable badges in your CV. Consume best business articles from any topic, and have a verifiable badge to prove your competence.


Review the material you have bookmarked and reflect on your progress with the badges you have earned. Share your daily newsletter with others or in any social media mediums. Get free news recommendations from sources like BBC, Economist, Times of India, Google News and Medium; as well as informational online articles on a variety of subjects like digital marketing, technology, and design. Find online magazine articles relevant to your work, education or interests; receive daily technology updates and leave the rest to Further!