Holy Bible App - Reading Bible Offline And Daily Prayer To Connected With God

Holy Bible: Offline & Audio Screenshot
Holy Bible: Offline & Audio Screenshot
Holy Bible: Offline & Audio Screenshot
Holy Bible: Offline & Audio Screenshot
Holy Bible: Offline & Audio Screenshot
Holy Bible: Offline & Audio Screenshot
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Mar 27, 2023
Holy Bible Aleluya offers a unique bible study and lifestyle tool that allows you to learn and share the Holy Bible offline on your own. Join Holy Bible Aleluya online is also connecting to global trusted Bible study groups, helps you evolve the daily bible study mood, and enhances your faith.

Compared to the traditional Holy Bible and other Bible apps, Holy Bible Aleluya allows you to easily access it on your digital devices without having to carry around a heavy paper book. We are offering the bible audio so that you can listen to Bible verses while driving or running, follow the guidance on the Holy Bible Aleluya and help all believers to have confidence and faith to accept the challenges of daily life.

Holy Bible Aleluya app is an easy-to-learn offline Bible for your daily study. It allows you to locate and memorize Holy Bible verses with a simple touch and create your customizations of Bible verse highlights, bookmarks, and images.

Get closer to God and listen to the word of God at any time using our Holy Bible Aleluya pocket app.

About Holy Bible Aleluya
Holy Bible Aleluya is a Bible prayer app that offers audio-guided Bible sessions to aid our users to evolve in their daily faith & spiritual lives and through the daily pray to find peace in God's love.
To explore over 10,000 different sessions on pensive prayer, Catholic Holy Bible readings, Holy music, and more.

Our founded goal is to make our users could have guidance through the Online Bible and to help all believers have confidence and faith to embrace challenges from daily life, always lift our hearts & minds to God, talk with Him, listen to Him, and recognize His presence with us.

Bible Reading Plans: Go through daily devotionals, starting your Bible Plans. Study topics or verses of the Bible, and read the entire Bible with audio mp3, Holy Bible Aleluya offline will be with you every time everywhere.
Daily Saint: Watch Saint stories from Bible, learn the history of Christianity, study JESUS's words, & more

• Daily Prayer & Devotionals: Holy Bible Aleluya will notice and guild our users to pray daily in traditional methods, including – Lectio Divina (in Daily Readings), the Holy Rosary, and Daily Mass Readings.
• Selection of Bible Stories: Selection of the Holy Bible stories and keep our users have a better connection with God.
• Rosary: Meditate with Mary through the mysteries of the Catholic Rosary and other daily devotionals and prayers.
• Lectio Divina: Converse with God through passages/Scripture from the Holy Bible.
• Daily Prayer Journal: Pray, meditate & record your spiritual journey.

Special features to customize your prayer experience:
• Especially designed for Catholics, contains all versions of the Bible. (For example The Book of Tobit)
• Set prayer reminders to pray and record the spiritual journey.
• Background music like the Gregorian chant

Holy Bible Aleluya is a New Bible App in 2023 and focuses on the Bible study community. Our content is edited by experienced theology & spirituality guides, reviewed by senior leaders within the Church (e.g., PhDs, professors, authors), and based on content from the approved Bible.

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