Set a trigger to automate workflow, smart home, & social media management

IFTTT - automation & workflow Screenshot
IFTTT - automation & workflow Screenshot
IFTTT - automation & workflow Screenshot
IFTTT - automation & workflow Screenshot
IFTTT - automation & workflow Screenshot
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Mar 27, 2023
Connect and automate your favorite apps and devices with a simple no-code interface.
With IFTTT you can combine over 700 popular services to automate practically everything in your life. Work smart with 100,000’s of pre-built automations, or build your own. Automation can be as simple as setting a trigger or as sophisticated as workflows that involve multiple services and conditional logic. 

Integration and automation ideas to get started: 
• Control every aspect of your smart home with Google Assistant and Google Home
• Use location to automatically trigger your Hue lights and Spotify playlist 
• Prepare for bad weather with custom Weather Underground notifications 
• Create a workflow trigger when you tell Alexa or Google Assistant to send a slack message to your team 
• Streamline social media workflow by cross-posting to multiple platforms like Twitter or Discord
• Manage social media by getting notifications when certain accounts post to Reddit, Twitter, or Discord 
• Create a smart home automation that changes the color of your Feit lights when the weather changes 
• Try an automation for syncing your to do list from Google tasks and Evernote 
• Add a trigger to post to Discord when you start streaming on Twitch

Our most popular apps span health, workflow, smart home and social media automation:
Alexa, Coinbase, Discord, Google Assistant, Google Home, Smartthings, Instagram, iRobot, LIFX, LINE, Philips Hue, RSS, Twitter, Siri, Slack, Smart Life, Strava, Weather Underground, Webhooks, Wyze, YouTube, and Zoom.

Top 10 in Google Play’s must have apps. Compare to smart home tools like Tasker, Smart Life, Tuya smart, Shortcuts or Homekit.

Home automation let you connect and automate smart home devices and services like Feit Electric, Philips Hue, Wyze, Smartthings, Google Home, Vesync, Homekit, Atomi smart, Focos, Lutron, things 3, and amazon echo.

Discover automation for:
• For the home, office, and car
• Automation for Android devices

Fully compatible with Wear OS.
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