Take care of your puppy and make your cutest pet.

Little Panda's Puppy Pet Care Screenshot
Little Panda's Puppy Pet Care Screenshot
Little Panda's Puppy Pet Care Screenshot
Little Panda's Puppy Pet Care Screenshot
Little Panda's Puppy Pet Care Screenshot
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Mar 27, 2023
If you are a pet lover, then you are sure to fall in love with these fluffy pet puppies. Welcome to the Puppy Town! Take care of the pet puppies and raise them. Your care will provide warmth in the lives of the pet dogs!

The pet puppy is hungry, just feed him a burger, a donut, or some pizza, etc. There are nearly 30 types of food to choose from. After feeding, give the puppy a whole body treatment to clean off the dirt. When the dog is tired, put him to sleep. Your dog's growth depends on your dedicated care.

How can you turn an ordinary pet doggy into a fashionable pet in the animal world? This will test your fashion taste. Go to the pet clothing store in the Puppy Town and dress up your pet puppy with beautiful clothes and cool pet accessories.  The pet puppy's new look will make your eyes shine and your heart melt.

Pet care is not just about feeding pets, getting them to sleep and dressing them up! Have fun outside with your dog! You can choose to swing together, bounce on the trampoline, or even play guessing games with your puppy. Maybe you'd rather go shopping at the pet supermarket, or for a walk in the countryside, or maybe a beach vacation, there are these and many more.

Come to the Puppy Town and adopt a cute pet puppy! Take care of it and grow up together!

- For kids who love animals and pet care;
- Go to the Puppy Town and adopt a pet puppy of your choosing;
- Take care of your pet puppy and interact with it;
- Feed your pet dog delicious food from around the world;
- Nearly 40 fashionable items to dress the dog up in;
- Help your pet puppy take a bath and calm it down for sleep;
- Go around the Puppy Town and help your pet puppy finish various tasks;
- Start your own puppy care story;
- Have fun playing this puppy game!

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