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METRO - Cepten Hızlı Alışveriş Screenshot
METRO - Cepten Hızlı Alışveriş Screenshot
METRO - Cepten Hızlı Alışveriş Screenshot
METRO - Cepten Hızlı Alışveriş Screenshot
METRO - Cepten Hızlı Alışveriş Screenshot
3.3.0 ( 1193 )
Mar 27, 2023
The Metro application, which has been renewed with three different features, is here! "Metro Online", where you can order without going to the store, "Metro", where you can see catalogs and campaigns, and "Metro Fast", where you can quickly go through the cash register in the store, are with you. Download our app and enjoy shopping in the privileged world of Metro.

METRO ONLINE: As Metro, which you have known for years with its freshness, variety and quality, we are here with our brand new service. With Metro Online, you can place your order from wherever you want, and you can easily access the Metro quality you know from anywhere. Moreover, we deliver your orders until 20.00 on the same day, and we do not charge a delivery fee for your purchases of 300 TL or more. Our products in our store can be accessed from the Metro Online section and will be delivered to you quickly and safely during the day at store prices. You can also take advantage of our offers available at the store in Metro Online. You can choose the products you want among the discounted and concept products we have prepared for you, or by visiting our various categories such as fruit-vegetables, meat, fish, breakfast products. Take a look at our products that we have determined for you and place your order instantly!

Metro: You can easily create a membership in our application, see the most suitable campaigns available from our stores and review our current catalogs. You can review our catalogs such as Geographical Indications or vegan products that we have determined for you. You can see the stock level of the products for the store you visit frequently, track your current invoices and expenses from your account, and access detailed information about our products. You can also speed up your shopping experience when you come to our stores by adding the products you want to your digital shopping list. Even if you do not have your metro card with you, you can easily shop from our stores with your digital card in the application. You can participate in special campaigns on the Campaigns page, and you can follow these campaigns on the campaigns page. Finally, it is very easy to reach the contact information of our stores thanks to the Metro application!

Metro Fast: Thanks to the Metro Fast feature of our Metro mobile application, you can do your shopping in our stores without contact. You can instantly view your shopping amount and complete your payment completely digitally without removing the products from your cart when you come to the checkout, so you can have a fast and easy shopping experience.