Learn to count in kindergarten!

Marbotic 10 fingers: Math App Screenshot
Marbotic 10 fingers: Math App Screenshot
Marbotic 10 fingers: Math App Screenshot
Marbotic 10 fingers: Math App Screenshot
Marbotic 10 fingers: Math App Screenshot
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Mar 27, 2023
**About Marbotic 10 fingers**
Introducing your child to numbers early can encourage a life-long love of math. Marbotic’s 10 fingers app is a fun, Montessori-inspired game that’ll give your child a head start by teaching them to count to 10. The ideal homeschooling companion, watch with pride as your little one explores the playful, imaginative Marbotic universe all by themselves!

**What Your Child Will Learn**
After using Marbotic’s 10 fingers app your child will be able to:
- Count on their fingers up to 10
- Recognize the names and sounds of all digits between 0-10
- Understand different quantities from 1-10
- Grasp the basic of addition
- Engage their fine motor skills as they correctly place between 1 and 10 fingers on the tablet screen

**Recognized by**
- The Mom's Choice Awards
- The Digital Education Awards
- The Academic's Choice Awards
- The Tillywig Awards

**Key Features**
- 4 activities, each with 3 different difficulty settings to adapt to your child’s needs
- Available in 22 languages: English, German, Spanish, Chinese, and more!
- Systematic learning: Each game approaches learning step-by-step so your child learns gradually
- Montessori-inspired: Marbotic's 10 fingers champions independent learning. Each activity is designed to let your child use the app on their own
- Active screentime: Combining the best of physical and digital play, 10 fingers transforms your tablet into an interactive learning tool
- The ideal homeschooling companion: Trusted by both teachers and parents, this product makes homeschooling a breeze

This app is only compatible with the interactive wooden toys from Marbotic Smart Numbers, the Deluxe Learning Kit, or Smart Kit. Shop for them at Marbotic.com!

**About Marbotic**
We know that kids learn best when engaging their hands, hearts, and minds. So, we create innovative, interactive learning toys to help children blossom. Fusing the best of traditional and digital play, our greatest joy is watching our hands-on products develop the skills and confidence of curious children the world over.

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