Search for lovers and encounters with the love and marriage matching app Pairs! 20 million members! Find a lover with common hobbies and values and have fun dating! Free registration!

Pairs-恋活・婚活・出会い探しマッチングアプリ Screenshot
Pairs-恋活・婚活・出会い探しマッチングアプリ Screenshot
Pairs-恋活・婚活・出会い探しマッチングアプリ Screenshot
Pairs-恋活・婚活・出会い探しマッチングアプリ Screenshot
Pairs-恋活・婚活・出会い探しマッチングアプリ Screenshot
Pairs-恋活・婚活・出会い探しマッチングアプリ Screenshot
Pairs-恋活・婚活・出会い探しマッチングアプリ Screenshot
Pairs-恋活・婚活・出会い探しマッチングアプリ Screenshot
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Mar 27, 2023
\ Let's find a lover and meet with the app! /
Cumulative registration of 20 million people! *More than 13,000 people per month** have a lover
Pairs, a matching app service for dating and marriage

Pairs is different from traditional dating apps.
We have created an environment where users can use it safely and securely as a matchmaking and dating matching app, such as identity verification with a driver's license and the elimination of unauthorized users through a 24-hour, 365-day monitoring system.

■Pairs is a matching app like this■
Registration & partner search is free and you can easily start anytime, anywhere.
More than 13,000 people a month, and a total of more than 500,000 people are dating**. There are many reports of marriage!
* (Cumulative number of registrations since the service started in 2012. As of April 2022, based on in-house research.)
**Compiled from a questionnaire for those who withdrew (August-October 2021 results)

Pairs has changed the image of dating on the Internet by operating as a matching app for marriage and dating rather than a dating app.
In addition to searching with ideal conditions, you can also search for a partner from a community that understands your hobbies and preferences.
You can register with your LINE account, Facebook account, email address or phone number!

Maybe there's a fateful encounter with someone you can't meet at a joint party, party or street party?
For those who "want a boyfriend/girlfriend", "can't find the ideal partner", or "doing a matchmaking party or matchmaking".
Would you like to find a lover who has common interests with Pairs right now?

What is a matching app in the first place?
Unlike conventional dating apps and dating sites, this is an app that allows you to find a lover safely and securely.
It's easy to use, and if you "like" the person you care about and the other person also "likes", matching will be established and you will be able to exchange messages.

Safe and secure service
1. We confirm age with official ID
2. Anonymous "initials" are displayed on the screen. name is not displayed
3.24 hours a day, 365 days a year monitoring system. Ability to report violations
4.24/7 customer support. You can discuss your troubles by email or chat
5. It will not be posted on your Facebook timeline
6.Only single people can register. Those who are married or in a relationship cannot register

We strive to improve our services on a daily basis in order to provide a dating and marriage matching app service that supports safe and secure encounters.

[Topic on TV and magazines! ]
□ We were featured in the Nihon Keizai Shimbun, the Asahi Shimbun, the Mainichi Shimbun, and more!
□ "NEWS23 (TBS)" "Don't Wake Up If You're Dreaming of Teppei Arita" (TBS) is a hot topic on TV!
□ "Men's Nonno", "CLASSY", "JJ", "CanCam", "anan", "Oggi" and many others
□ Business magazines such as "PRESIDENT Online" and "Diamond Online"!

■Points to choose Pairs■
・ You can search for your favorite single partner with plenty of face photos
・You can see detailed profiles such as self-introduction sentences
・ You can easily get married and love at your favorite time and place
・You can seriously look for a partner because many single people in their 20s and 30s who are serious about marriage and love are registered.
・Artificial intelligence (AI) will tell you who is a compatible single partner
・You can narrow down your search to women and men in the same area.
・ You can search for men and women with common hobbies and values ​​with the community function
・Because it is a popular “love-hunting/marriage-hunting app” used by 20 million people, it can provide opportunities for many encounters.

■Recommended for people like this■
・People who are looking for a boyfriend or girlfriend seriously
・ Those who are seriously looking for a marriage partner
・People who are looking for a match in the same area
・ First of all, those who want to find a partner for free registration
・People who want to find a match with an excellent app for popular marriage and love activities
・ Those who want to use a safe and secure matching app because they are resistant to dating apps
・ Those who want to find a lover at their ideal age, such as older or younger
・ Those who want to make a boyfriend / girlfriend who can meet on a regular basis so that they can meet regularly
・Those who have never tried a matchmaking app or Koikatsu app
・ Those who are looking for a new encounter after breaking up with a lover who was in a relationship
・ Those who are wondering if they can really meet on the matching app
・Those who want to find a single person in their spare time
・ Those who want to make a lover and be loved, but have few opportunities to meet the opposite sex
・ Those who say "I haven't been in love for a while"
・ Those who want to have a serious relationship with the opposite sex
・ Those who are looking for a lover and want to actively pursue love and marriage
・ Those who want to get to know their ideal person efficiently
・ Those who want to confess seriously and have a serious relationship
・Those who want to find someone new because they have lost their love
・ Those who have few encounters and can not meet people they like
・Those who want a boyfriend but can't find a good date
・Those who want to live a happy lover life with their loved ones
・Those who want to fall in love but are unable to find someone they like
・ Those who want to graduate from single
・Those who use Facebook
・ Those who want to meet safely and securely
・ If you want a boyfriend or girlfriend who has similar interests
・ Those who are not good at joint parties, town parties, and parties
・ Those who want to easily get married and love
・People who are too busy to meet but still want to fall in love
・People who want to have mutual feelings with the opposite sex who matches their personality
・ Those who do not have any plans for holidays and have free time
・ If you want to date someone you like
・People who want a lover with different hobbies
・ Those who want a girlfriend or a boyfriend but are busy
・Those who want to be “popular” in order to have a serious relationship, but are in trouble because they have few encounters
・Those who want to get into a new relationship and forget the person they love, but can't find an opportunity to fall in love.
・ Men and women who want to fall in love
・Those who want a chance to meet new people who fall in love at first sight
・ Person who wants to meet a member of society
・University students who want to meet people who are close to their age, such as male or female college students
・ Those who want to find a partner of the ideal age
・ Those who want to find a new encounter at a certain age, such as wanting a younger boyfriend
・People who have used dating apps or dating sites that are free to register
・Those who have already registered for a dating app that can be registered for free, or a marriage app
・People who have searched for email friends or chat friends
・People who have used matchmaking parties, street parties, heterosexual introduction services, etc.
・ Those who have not been able to meet their ideal partner
・Those who want to search for a partner by searching from their personality such as "Sweetheart"
・Those who want to start a new relationship after breaking up with their boyfriend
・ Those who want to meet a “cool man” for themselves
・ A man who is thinking of getting a girlfriend this year
・ Those who are looking for a marriage / love matching app that supports finding a wonderful partner
・People who are looking for a hobby friend and have a hobby friend, but want a boyfriend or girlfriend who has the same hobby.
・Those who have broken up due to a long-distance relationship and want to meet a woman or man in the same area
・ Those who were looking for an app that allows women to find a lover for free
・People who have used a dating service
・ Those who have not yet experienced meeting men and women on the Internet service
・People who want to make real friends through off-line meetings and hobby friend search apps.
・People who recommended Pairs to their friends
・Those who are seriously looking for a partner and would like to use a dating/marriage service at least once
・Those who want to spend events such as Halloween and Christmas with their lover
・ Those who want to seriously search for Koibito soon
・ Those who want to meet with a compatible partner in compatibility fortune-telling
・ Those who want to find a boyfriend or girlfriend by narrowing down their age, such as "I want a younger girlfriend" or "I want an older boyfriend"

◆ Customers using Android 2 devices
Depending on the model, it may not work properly.
If you have trouble with the operation, please use the browser version.
You can use the browser version below.
◆ Precautions
・Eligibility: Please check Article 6 of the Terms of Use.
・Persons under the age of 18 are not permitted.
・People whose relationship status is dating, married, etc. cannot use this service.
・When you withdraw from Pairs, all information will be deleted.
・Some functions (messages, etc.) are charged.
・Pairs checks the content of posts, and may delete content that violates the terms of use.
・This service is not a service that introduces a marriage partner, and does not guarantee that you will find a marriage partner.
・Paid members have automatic recurring billing every 1 month, 3 months, 6 months, and 12 months.
・If you become a paid member, you will like the opposite sex! can be sent an additional 30 times, and the second and subsequent messages can be sent.
・Google Play gift cards cannot be used for paid membership registration, premium option, and ladies option application.
◆ License
Internet opposite sex introduction business notified
Registration number: Mita 23-045566