Azan alarm clock, Qibla compass and Islamic radio for Muslim around the world.

Prayer Time: Athan & Quran Screenshot
Prayer Time: Athan & Quran Screenshot
Prayer Time: Athan & Quran Screenshot
Prayer Time: Athan & Quran Screenshot
Prayer Time: Athan & Quran Screenshot
Prayer Time: Athan & Quran Screenshot
Prayer Time: Athan & Quran Screenshot
Prayer Time: Athan & Quran Screenshot
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Mar 27, 2023
???? The Prayer Time: Athan & Quran is a comprehensive tool designed to help Muslims practice their faith more easily and efficiently. The app includes several features that are designed to make it easier for users to observe their daily prayers and stay connected to their faith. This app surely will help you decide when to start your namaz. Prayer now!

???? Muslim Prayer Time - This provides users with accurate and up-to-date information on the timing of daily prayers in their location. The app uses the user's location tracker to calculate the prayer times, and provides reminders when it is time to pray. Never miss fajr!
???? Athan - is a call to prayer that is recited at specific times throughout the day. The app provides an audio recording of the Azan, so that users can hear it even if they are not able to attend a mosque. Easily set notification for prayer times azan and namaz time.
???? The Noble Quran Majeed - You will have an opportunity to read holy quran kareem it wherever you are, depending on your location (even offline).
???? Qibla Direction & Compass - wherever you are, the qibla compass will help you determine the qibla direction with high accuracy. Just allow the app to access your location (use the Mecca Compass and find the Kaaba Direction).
???? Tasbeeh counter is a tool that helps Muslims keep track of the number of times they have recited a specific Islamic phrase, typically ""SubhanAllah,"" ""Alhamdulillah,"" or ""Allahu Akbar.""
???? Muslim Resource is designed to provide quick and easy access to important Islamic resources such as 40 Hadith, Five Pillars of Islam, 99 Names of Allah, Dhikr and Dua, allowing Muslims to deepen their understanding and practice of Islam through a convenient digital platform.
???? Islamic Radio FM AM - allows users to listen to live Islamic radio stations from around the world. The radio stations offer a range of content related to Islam, including Quran recitation, religious lectures, and Islamic music.
???? Quran Quiz - The feature provides a series of questions related to the Quran reading and Islamic teachings. This feature aims to encourage users to deepen their understanding of the Quran book and Islamic teachings while also providing an entertaining way to learn (this can be an interesting game for kids).
???? Islamic Finder (mosque and halal scanner). If you are in a new place, the search program will show you all the mosques and halal restaurant on the map.
???? Makkah Live - Mecca Online is a feature in the Prayer Times app that allows users to view a live stream of the Kaaba in Mecca, Saudi Arabia, making it easy for them to orient themselves towards it during prayer.
???? Islamic Calendar Hijri - app will notify you about the sacred month of Ramadan and help you know about all Muslim holidays, in particular, Eid al-Adha and others.

???? It’s hard to find a moment for prayer times in the rush of the modern lifestyle, so it is a good choice to have a mobile prayer reminder on your pocket to pray in time.
Pray with our Islamic Pro app and strengthen your faith.