Dog & cat insurance that reimburses your veterinary fees!

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Mar 27, 2023
Santévet has been the specialist in animal health insurance in France for 15 years. Expert in this field, Santévet reimburses veterinary costs related to accidents, illness and contributes to the so-called "prevention" costs.
Our mission is to provide as many pet owners as possible with access to the best veterinary care. ???? ????

No more reminders with the Santévet app

Designed for you and your pet, the Santévet application has been completely designed to support you in managing your contract and in the event of a health emergency for your pet.

Features of the Santévet application:

✔️ Reimbursement request and follow-up ????:
On the application, it's simple and very quick to send us your supporting documents (treatment sheets and veterinary invoices). At the end of your appointment with the veterinarian, just take a picture of them and follow the guided steps in the Santévet application. Afterwards, at a glance, you will be able to consult the amount of your reimbursements of your veterinary expenses once your request has been processed by our services (48 hours).

✔️ A problem with your pet ????‍⚕️?
In the event of a medical emergency, we provide you with a free telephone line to a veterinarian available 7/7 & 24/24 so that he can explain the first aid measures to you. In addition, if your animal is lost, we give you advice on how to find it.

✔️ Your dog & cat health insurance contract ????:
View the details of your animal health insurance contract, the personalized care sheet for your animal, and manage your passwords and personal details directly on the application.

✔️ A question ?????
Consult our FAQs in the "My account" section of the Santévet application to find the answers instantly.

Accessible to everyone :
Also designed for holders of guide dogs for the blind, the design of the application has been optimized for accessibility to visually impaired people.

Information related to your animal and your secure contract
Protect access to your Santévet application with Fingerprint