Universal mobile scanner. Scan and save QR codes, barcodes, documents and cards

Scanero: QR Code Reader Screenshot
Scanero: QR Code Reader Screenshot
Scanero: QR Code Reader Screenshot
Scanero: QR Code Reader Screenshot
Scanero: QR Code Reader Screenshot
Scanero: QR Code Reader Screenshot
Scanero: QR Code Reader Screenshot
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Mar 27, 2023
The application Scanero is the fastest QR-code reader among the applications, which allows people to read and scan documents, business cards, discount or all loyalty cards in one application of various stores. It should be mentioned that the developers have made an emphasis on Quick Response Code technology, so you will not be able to scan and save barcodes with the help of this program.

But this is for the best! The QR code has some advantages compared to regular barcode. The regular barcode can only be read and encoded vertically - in turn, it is possible to encode the QR-code both vertically and horizontally. It can be read from any angle and is resistant to damage even if a part of it is missing or damaged.

The abbreviation QR means Quick Response, that is, "prompt reply". The main feature of this type of code is that it can be easily deciphered not only with the help of a special scanner but also with any smartphone equipped with a camera and standard software - this opens up wide prospects of its use in everyday life.

Features of Scanero:

* Scans and saves QR codes
* Reads documents and cards
* Can be a wallet for personal documents
* Saves scanned data on your smartphone
* Generates QR codes for text, links, phones and email
* Creates and sends information to the interested users
Easy to use

QR code: Scanner works quickly and smoothly and the modern interface will not cause difficulties even for a teenager. All you need for quick data decoding is a mobile device with a camera, some free space on your smartphone and Android 8.0+ version.
Scanning and storing of QR codes

The spheres of QR Code Reader application today are numerous: documentation, shopping (discount cards), cafes and restaurants, libraries and museums, exhibition activities, tourism and so on. A significant advantage of Scanero's software is that it not only reads (decodes) codes, but also saves (creates QR) on your device.
Card scanner

So you don't have to carry dozens of grocery or clothing store cards in your wallet / purse, just scan QR codes with Scanero qr generator and scanner. In seconds, the desired store discount cards will be stored on your device.
Document scanner

The users of QR reader for Android have also got a handy extended service for reading and saving the documents. It may be your passport data, driver's license or a page from any important document. Also thanks to the program you can save any text, URL, mail, contact and phone number, SMS message, calendar and more.
Quick creation of an individual QR code offline

A QR code scanner is also a generator of an individual user's QR code. Scanero allows you to create your personal and unique code for any need. This can be links to online resources, contact information, geographic location, calendar events, wireless internet access (Wi-Fi), etc. Next, you can share the information via messengers, social media and even in person at a meeting.
Store your scanned documents in a safe place on your device

In addition to high-quality collection of information from various sources, the QR code reader also takes care of privacy. For convenience, the user can save the codes to an application folder or create a separate one (with a password if desired).
Wallet for personal documents

To conclude, let's go back to the fact that Scanero can completely replace all the documentation from your wallet. Now you do not need to carry your passport, id-card, driver's license, or discount cards for stores. These are all in one app!

If you have any problems or questions, please use the help menu tab to learn about supported codes, clear scanning recommendations and tips on avoiding common mistakes. To summarize, we note that the QR code reader will be a faithful assistant, both in the working moments and in private matters.