Your digital account to receive, transfer and use your money freely.

albo - Tu dinero, más tuyo Screenshot
albo - Tu dinero, más tuyo Screenshot
albo - Tu dinero, más tuyo Screenshot
albo - Tu dinero, más tuyo Screenshot
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Mar 27, 2023

With albo you have everything you need to send and receive money, make purchases, pay for your services and manage your money. Open your account for free and without commissions!

???? Use your albo for whatever you need

  • Make and receive transfers 24/7 between any national institution, free of charge.

  • Forget the queues! Recharge your cell phone, pay for gas, electricity, internet and your Tag from the app, at no cost.

  • And much more!

???? International Mastercard physical and virtual card

  • Create your account and get your virtual card instantly ready to use.

  • Make your first deposit and also receive your physical card at home, free of charge.

  • Lock and unlock your cards from your cell phone whenever you want.

  • Shop with anywhere in the world ???? that accepts Mastercard.

  • Shop online, pay all your favorite platforms safely.

???? Spaces

Do you have a goal, are you planning your next vacation or do you want to have money reserved for any unforeseen event?

  • Use albo Spaces to organize and separate your money ????.

  • Create and edit all the Spaces you need at no cost.

  • Withdraw money from your Spaces whenever you want.

Open your account and receive your virtual and physical Mastercard cards free of charge. Forget about paying commissions, account management costs, minimum balances and annuities!

Your safe money

  • Authorize all your transfers and payments from the app with your PIN, fingerprint or facial recognition.

  • Receive instant notifications for every payment, purchase and movement you make.

  • Check your movements by date, amount or name of the business in the app.

  • Know how much and what you spend month by month with your expense and income report.

Download albo and make your money, more yours ????

Do you have questions or need support? Remember that you can write to us at or visit ayuda.albo. mx.