IMPACT by Interactive Brokers

Impact, theĀ best stock trading app for beginners and experts, is a product by Interactive brokers. The best stock app is designed to give you a handy tool that can be used to make and manage investments from a single app. The simple and intuitive design of this one of the best investment apps helps investors… Continue reading IMPACT by Interactive Brokers

Headway: 15-Min Book Summaries

Staying focused is crucial to achieving any goals. Be it fitness, business growth, job satisfaction, or acing a competition, it is important to dedicate yourself towards the goal but with the right guidance. Now, with apps such as Headway, it is easier to remain focused with content that you can read or listen to. On… Continue reading Headway: 15-Min Book Summaries

Skillshare: Online Classes App

More often, it happens that we love a kind of art like photography, drawing, or anything else- but we do not get to see outcomes as good as others have. And for that, someoneā€™s guidance can do wonders. Because, to draw a perfect picture, there are tricks to adopt for a perfect texture, shape, and… Continue reading Skillshare: Online Classes App

Free Fire: Winterlands

Multiplayer gaming on smartphones has evolved and now is independent enough to offer the best experience to players. Titles such as PUBG, Call of Duty: Mobile, Fortnite, and Free Fire have grown rapidly in the market. AĀ Sensor TowerĀ report states, Free Fire, in Q1 of 2021, won the race against PUBG and COD: Mobile by touching… Continue reading Free Fire: Winterlands

Hinge Dating App: Meet & Date

Dating appsĀ have changed the scenario of finding people to date. When traditional ways of dating were not a cup of tea for everyone, these dating apps came to the rescue. And soon, they became a part of our everyday lives. Well, dating apps are also able to offer a safe space to introverts and socially… Continue reading Hinge Dating App: Meet & Date

iCareFone Transfer to iPhone

Shifting from Android devices to iOS is a common thing now. Thus, the main issue of transferring data between devices arises. Now, in the case of the WhatsApp Business app, you can create backups and select whether you want to create backups for media as well or not. However, in cases such as low internet… Continue reading iCareFone Transfer to iPhone

Amazon Music: Songs & Podcasts

For the last few years, the way we listen to music has changed dramatically. But today, we have the best medium to hear music- theĀ best music apps. There are thousands of songs from hundreds of ranges to access within seconds with such apps. Some services come with ads and some do not, on someĀ best lyrics… Continue reading Amazon Music: Songs & Podcasts

Find my kids: Location Tracker

Today, it has become possible to ensure that your children are safe all the time without having to accompany them everywhere. Apps such as Find My Kids are making it possible. To ensure that your kid is safe, theĀ best free phone tracker appĀ uses GPS and AI to equip your child with an extra layer of… Continue reading Find my kids: Location Tracker

Simply Piano: Learn Piano Fast

The serenity of the sound of the piano is not only soothing but is influencing enough to touch your heart and trigger different emotions. And, if you are in love with the idea of learning piano, but do not have enough time or budget to go for private tutors, you have found just the right… Continue reading Simply Piano: Learn Piano Fast

OkCupid: Date and Find Love

Dating apps, especially during the Covid-19 saw a huge boost in their popularity. From virtual dates to personality matches, theseĀ dating appsĀ have also adopted many new trends to attract new users. Now, a report byĀ StatistaĀ says, by April 2020, 11 percent of males and 6 percent of females were using OkCupid in the USA. In this blog,… Continue reading OkCupid: Date and Find Love

YesStyle – Fashion & Beauty

YesStyle is a platform being downloaded more than 2 million times from the Android app store itself, which offers more than 900 brands. TheĀ shopping appĀ has K-pop outfits, worldwide free shipping, 200,000+ fashion items, Japanese, and Korean makeup items. You can find high-quality outfits and fashion accessories on this amazing beauty and apparel online shop. Furthermore,… Continue reading YesStyle – Fashion & Beauty

Hulu: Stream TV shows & movies

In the ever-evolving entertainment world,Ā streaming appsĀ have become the go-to source for premium content. With the convenience of on-demand viewing and a vast library of shows and movies, these platforms revolutionize how we experience entertainment. Americans value having control over their entertainment options, including the amount of data they use to stream movies, music, or video… Continue reading Hulu: Stream TV shows & movies

Full Body Workout Plan for Men

Increasing pollution and the consumption of junk food have huge negative impacts on our health. From diseases such as diabetes to obesity, it has become crucial to include exercise as a regular routine to keep ourselves healthy. However, exercises without proper guidance might not have fruitful results. Thus, we have picked the Full Body Workout… Continue reading Full Body Workout Plan for Men

QYOU – Question Party

Has it ever happened to you that you are curious about someone or want to talk to them more but do not know what to talk about? Well, that happens to almost everyone. Be it professional or personal life, the right questions can help us in creating bonds and having interesting conversations. Thus, we thought… Continue reading QYOU – Question Party

Solfile Astrology

Since ancient times, practices of astrology have evolved rapidly. And now, with the help of Solfile, ancient practices of astrology and modern scientific methods are being used for personality development tasks. The Solfile APK, one of theĀ best forecast apps, helps you in figuring out your strengths along with directions to lead you towards your growth.… Continue reading Solfile Astrology

Cormeum: Track Heart Health

The Healthcare system, in the 21st century, has evolved at a speed nothing like before. From the use ofĀ IoT appsĀ to synced healthcare devices, to advanced automated operation systems, we have come a long way. One of the many wonders of the modern healthcare system, Cormeum, aĀ top healthcare app, started its journey in January 2021. The… Continue reading Cormeum: Track Heart Health

MagicPin: Pin Collector

If youā€™ve no idea what Disney pins are? They’re small metal Disney-themed lapel pins featuring Disney characters, attractions, icons, events, and other elements. Disney pins are fun, which can be found in Disney parks, resorts, and movies. Collecting Disney pins is a favorite activity of Disney fans. But, how about if I tell you that… Continue reading MagicPin: Pin Collector