All-in-one guide for your pregnancy: Expert advice, Tracking, and Community.

iMumz - Pregnancy & Parenting Screenshot
iMumz - Pregnancy & Parenting Screenshot
iMumz - Pregnancy & Parenting Screenshot
iMumz - Pregnancy & Parenting Screenshot
iMumz - Pregnancy & Parenting Screenshot
iMumz - Pregnancy & Parenting Screenshot
iMumz - Pregnancy & Parenting Screenshot
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Mar 27, 2023
iMumz, the award-winning pregnancy and parenting app, offers trustworthy, reliable, and holistic support from pregnancy to parenting:

????‍♀️Enjoy daily live pregnancy yoga classes with multiple slots, aimed at preparing you for a healthy and natural delivery. (Only available for womb care program subscribers)

????‍⚕️Our dedicated care expert (doctor) is on-hand to answer all your pregnancy queries. (Only available for womb care program subscribers)

???? A personal nutritionist will provide you with customized diet plans according to the phase of your pregnancy or any medical conditions you may have. (Only available for womb care program subscribers)

???? Use our week-by-week pregnancy tracker that details your baby's development based on your due date and helps you understand your changing body.

???? Enjoy week-wise graphics of what your baby looks like, size comparisons, and a visual countdown for each week of your pregnancy.

????Benefit from helpful daily tips.

???? Watch videos explaining your baby’s growth and development during each week of pregnancy.

✔️Participate in Garbh Sanskar activities, including baby bonding and (Mum + Dad) bonding.

???? Engage in stress reduction activities including meditation, breathing exercises, and calming music.

????‍⚕️Get information about the tests and screenings you can expect during pregnancy.

???? Join tight-knit community groups formed around due-date months, locations, interests, medical conditions, must-have baby gear, and more! Be inspired by other mums’ birth stories.



???? Use the baby’s milestone tracker and month-by-month guides, customized based on your little one’s birthday.

???? Take advantage of postpartum dietary tips and personalized diet plans, if you join our Parenting Program.

????‍⚕️ Consult with a lactation expert.

???? Receive daily parenting tips tailored to where you are in your postpartum recovery and parenting journey.

???? Employ a baby feeding tracker that lets you time your baby’s feedings, keep track of breastfeeding, bottles, and pumping sessions all in one place so you can easily spot patterns in your baby’s eating habits.

???? Watch videos and read expert articles about sleep schedules, feeding tips, milestones, baby’s growth and development, and more.

????‍⚕️Access medically-reviewed information about your baby’s health, and immunizations.

???? Connect within our caring community groups formed around your baby’s birth month, health conditions, parenting styles, and more!


Our methods' efficacy has been tested in an RCT study, the details of which can be found here: (

????Join 2-Day Garbh Sanskar Workshop:

Join the iMumz Community????????