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AnTuTu Test :Benchmark Advices Screenshot
AnTuTu Test :Benchmark Advices Screenshot
AnTuTu Test :Benchmark Advices Screenshot
AnTuTu Test :Benchmark Advices Screenshot
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Mar 27, 2023
Antutu benchmark is a tool to analyze the performance of your device. Each test gets a score that gives you an idea of the capability of your device. You can then compare your scores with phone’s overall performance: GPU, CPU, and User Experience..., higher CPU score is good for almost every case since all your applications use some CPU power to function. The GPU score determines how well your phone handles games and other GPU accelerated processes with Antutu Score .

AnTuTu Benchmark is a tool for Android, that allow you to check the performance of your phone other devices Also, it is very useful for all apps and games with high quality performance graphics. and our guide app for antutu benchmark will help you get all results and test all phone's features

AnTuTu Benchmark includes updated CPU tests that model real-world tasks and applications. and RAM capacity doesn't affect benchmark score as well.

New features in Antutu :

1. CPU: Upgraded test algorithms, optimized support for ARM's new Tri-Cluster architecture, and adjusted the stress distribution.
2. GPU: Introduces new Vulkan scene "Terracotta Warriors" to test the GPU performance of the mobile phone when running high-stress games natively developed using Vulkan technology.
3. GPU: Upgrades "Coastline" scene from OpenGL ES 3.1 to Vulkan to test the Vulkan gaming performance of GPU under medium-to-high stress.
4. MEM: Fully upgraded Memory test items, to test both hardware Direct I/O and system filesystem performance.
5. UX: Increases the load of all the test scenes. Screen refresh rate is included into the scope of measurement.


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