Fitness challenges with friends and group weight loss with tips from dietitians

BetterTogether: Weight Loss Screenshot
BetterTogether: Weight Loss Screenshot
BetterTogether: Weight Loss Screenshot
BetterTogether: Weight Loss Screenshot
BetterTogether: Weight Loss Screenshot
BetterTogether: Weight Loss Screenshot
BetterTogether: Weight Loss Screenshot
BetterTogether: Weight Loss Screenshot
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Mar 27, 2023
With BetterTogether, weight loss becomes all fun and games when you can participate in fitness challenges and competitions. For those of you who enjoy being a part of a community, getting fit with your friends should be a matter of fun-filled experience. Bringing the change in your health and well-being with a weight loss app that brings friends and family together.

Derive Weightloss Motivation From Friends, Family, And Colleagues! ????️????????‍????‍????

A group challenge can be a motivating as well as a fun element of your weight loss journey because when we set goals and throw challenges to each other in our close circle, we make sure to go that extra mile to complete the tasks. You no longer have to follow a monotonous routine to lose weight, but now you can work out with friends and participate in fitness competitions, all with our fitness challenge app.

Features Of The BetterTogether Dieting App: ????

➤ The struggles that you may face in the path of losing weight can be overwhelming for your physical and mental health. BetterTogether helps eliminate the scary part of the weight loss journey of feeling lonely and depressed. When you embark on your weight loss journey with friends and family, you are filled with enthusiasm and positive energy because most of your known people are a part of your journey. You can invite them to participate in the online weight-loss contest and achieve the goal of fitness with friends. ????

➤ With the water tracker, you can easily manage and track your water intake for the day. As we all know, drinking plenty of water plays a vital role in improving our metabolism, thus promoting healthy gut and fat loss.

➤ BMI (Body Mass Index) is a crucial aspect of assessing a person's health quotient because a higher BMI indicates an increased amount of fat. Thus, this fitness app has an inbuilt bmi calculator to check the cholesterol and fat content of the body and a BMI tracker to keep them in check.

➤ The app provides access to dietician advise for your timely consultations with an online dietician, through which you can receive all the nutrition tips and information to get a head start with a healthy diet.

➤ Weekly targets tracker: Not only it tracks weight reduction through the weight loss tracker, but it allows you to contest in fun diet games with your weight loss buddies to achieve the targets. You can play in groups to compare and analyze your progress to determine who is the “BIGGEST LOSER”. Assigning yourself a dietbet to reach a certain defined goal every week also helps to achieve your dream body. ????

➤ Getting slim fast is the ultimate goal of most of you. No wonder you are searching for a slimming app, and BetterTogether is the amalgamation of all essential features like fitness tips, diet plans, diet tips, and many more to reach that healthy wage. It can also serve as your step counter app to record the number of steps you walk in a day, though you can sync your favorite tracker such as google fit or fitbit also to achieve this. ????

➤The BetterTogether app has a feature that enables you to set daily weight loss goals with your workout buddies, and you can determine who is leading the challenge effectively. Not only does it gradually transform you into a great shape, but it also helps develop competitive skills in a fun and positive way.

➤Gain momentum in weight control through a series of daily weight loss competitions in groups.

➤Daily notifications are sent according to the challenge's progress, and virtual medals and applause are sent for completing the defined drinking water goal through the water drinking tracker. Similarly, for the number of steps walked through the steps tracker.

➤Winners are announced on a weekly basis through the weight loss tracker. You can chat with your twin body friends and amp up the game of fitness by giving diet bets to each other.

Download the BetterTogether app and achieve your weight loss goals with friends and family!