Incredible blue Monster crime fight in the open world Animals Gangstar Games

Blue Monster Crime Fighter Screenshot
Blue Monster Crime Fighter Screenshot
Blue Monster Crime Fighter Screenshot
Blue Monster Crime Fighter Screenshot
Blue Monster Crime Fighter Screenshot
Blue Monster Crime Fighter Screenshot
Blue Monster Crime Fighter Screenshot
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Mar 27, 2023
Welcome to the open world flying crime Blue Monster Simulator: grand city monster crime game with an incredible idea of a crime hero: blue monster hero to fight against all the criminals in the vice town crime gangster city. You are wandering into the City gangster where criminal mafia bunnies, gang monkeys, dangerous tigers, mafia bears and much more are fighting games. Criminal animals are involved in robbing the city banks, snatching things, criminal activities, and killing other innocent animals. Police heroes are not enough for fighting against this increasing city gangster crime & thug city mafia. So, in this blue monsters gang: fighting game, you are appointed as a grand blue monster hero who can use amazing superpowers as rope hero, special moves, gunfighter, and flying monster hero in animal games.
This blue monster flying animal games simulator bunny rope hero city game is an action-packed game with thrilling blue superhero fighting in mafia animal games. Play blue monster Hero and enjoy the matchless, even cool animations as heroes swing freely through the Gangster Crime Vegas city like never before. So are you ready to enter into the amazing superhero gangster crime games: fighting game to turn the grand vice town crime gangster city into a city that is crimeless?
Dare yourself to get done with the Monsters gang's thrilling missions to win the title of an amazing unbeatable superhero. People trust all superheroes against gangster mafia in criminal animal games. They really think that a flying hero animal superhero can save them from a real animal gangster squad by climbing into the crime town battle in the superhero game. Animal mafia: Monsters gang is increasing day by day, only you can fight the battle for vice town crime gangster city survival against rival monkey gangs. So, get ready for an animal game simulator like a blue super incredible blue monster to enjoy futuristic animal games. Monsters gang fight like a genuine warrior in a hero animal fighting game against the gangster mafia and save your city in Blue Monster Crime Simulator.
In the flying super animal: city rope hero game, unlock a variety of monster skins of superheroes to kill the most urgently wanted animal criminals. Your duty is to chase in Vegas city gang crime and see grand city animals walking in the streets to vanish their grand mafia evil plans. Use any of the provided skills, find gangster animals with superpowers in the streets, and kill them with incredible powers before they shoot their target. City animal mafia held a kidnapping and robbery meeting in the crime hero city, your duty is to use your ultimate catch before they leave the crime hero city in animal games. Vice town crime gangster: city animal gangsters are robbing the city bank, go fast and kill them before they rob the banks with the crime they are committing.
Explore the Blue Monster crime game: crime hero monster city an exciting survival adventure, and be the ultimate winner. With amazing graphics and the best sound effects, you will be attracted right away. The objective is to survive as long as possible, preferably without being killed by one of the many dangers that lie in wait.
Features of Blue Monster Crime Simulator – Animal Super Hero
* Extraordinary animal superhero rescue simulator.
* Grand fighting with 3D animations.
* High quality Vegas Gangster City Environment.
* Variety of Skins of Animal Monster Superheroes.
* Realistic Sounds with HD Gameplay.
* Rope, Mega Punch, Super Kick, and fighting challenges.