Buzzily is an HRMS and payroll app for easy and efficient workforce management.

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Mar 27, 2023
With an easy to use, transparent and intuitive interface, Buzzily is an integrated hire to retire platform for all your people management needs. A fully automated people management platform to digitize your operations and manage your employees, it is easily scalable and adapts seamlessly to any type and size of workforce and grows with you.
What’s in store for you:
1. Smart, intuitive and lightning-fast platform
2. Get your company on-boarded in less than a day
3. Aadhar-powered automated Employee onboarding in less than 3 minutes
4. Processing payroll in less than 60 minutes
5. Easy-to-use and comprehensive dashboard
6. 20+ years of payroll expertise to ensure 100% payroll compliance with error free, fast and easy processing
7. Accessible anytime, anywhere, via mobile, web apps and compatible with any smart device
8. Best value for money with adaptive pricing model
Apart from our best in class payroll, leave and attendance modules, Buzzily will soon provide solutions for SMEs’ most critical needs like no one else.
1. Integrated recruitment engine - Access millions of candidates from our integrated sourcing platforms to make hiring simple, fast and effective through an applicant tracking system.
2. Employee benefits platform - Provide your employees access to unique offers on loans, insurance, mobile phones, etc., via our integrated benefits portal and increase employee satisfaction.
3. Network of partners - Gain access to our extensive network of business partners that cater to different needs of an SME across credit, insurance and other services.

Features and Benefits:
1. Lightning fast Employee Onboarding:
Leave paper in the past and put your people first with an Aadhar powered automated Onboarding in under 3 minutes.
a. Integrated validation across Aadhaar and PAN
b. Bulk uploads
c. ID proof check
d. Data privacy and safety

2. Comprehensive Employee Infostore:
Manage your employee data effortlessly with an exhaustive inventory of employee information.
a. One-point access for all employee information
b. Leverage our unlimited attributes to track as many identifiers as you need
c. See full employment history for every employee
d. Self-service capability for employees
e. Digital onboarding flows

3. Powerful Payroll Management:
Experience a segment-first, enterprise-class payroll engine that empowers your business with critical payroll data at your fingertips
a. Wizard-based payroll
b. Accurate and on-time payroll computation
c. Flexible compensation components
d. Export payroll-ready data
e. Payroll templates for easy C&B management
f. PF report & ESI challan generation*
g. Form 16 and 24 generation*

4. 100% automated Payroll Compliance:
Stay resilient to regulatory changes and updates with a payroll engine that factors in every possible compliance scenario.
a. 100% payroll compliance
b. Automatic updates of the latest regulations
c. Access to compliance expertise

5. Fully integrated Time and Attendance:
Enjoy a bird’s-eye view of your team and their availability
a. Geo-fencing check-in
b. Attendance regularization
c. On-the-go approvals
d. Flexible shift and roster management*
e. Overtime management integrated with payroll

6. Leave Management simplified:
Manage productivity seamlessly with an easy-to-use leave management system
a. Pre-configured leaves
b. Fully customizable
c. Self-serve
d. On-the-go approvals

7. Intelligent Analytics & Reporting:
Gain real-time insights from an insightful dashboard to measure, plan, and effectively execute your workforce goals
a. Attendance and Leave summary
b. Employee stats
c. Real time dashboards
d. Clear CTAs for approvals and other requests
e. Monthly expected payroll summary*

8. Support Helpdesk at your fingertips:
Sit back and relax, with comprehensive technical and domain support from the experts
a. Email and call support help desk
b. Domain-centric expertise
c. Assisted onboarding on request
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