Match 3 games and crush candy & cookies, a match made in heaven!

Candy Match 3 - Sweet Crunch Screenshot
Candy Match 3 - Sweet Crunch Screenshot
Candy Match 3 - Sweet Crunch Screenshot
Candy Match 3 - Sweet Crunch Screenshot
Candy Match 3 - Sweet Crunch Screenshot
Candy Match 3 - Sweet Crunch Screenshot
Candy Match 3 - Sweet Crunch Screenshot
Candy Match 3 - Sweet Crunch Screenshot
2.1.2 ( 185 )
Mar 27, 2023
Join Sweet Crunch's Match 3 Games now! Indulge in magical candy kingdoms to crush candy, blast jam, and the cookie with a free match 3 game. Experience endless joy and excitement as you decorate your sweet town and help candy monster to crush candy across hundreds of levels. In the play of candy to crush, you're guaranteed more glory! Crushing candy, cookies, and jams in the free match 3 game. Renovate the mansion and save characters. Play with millions of sweet candy & cookie crunchers in this creative blasting cookie & crushing candy-matching game. Overcome thousands of candy levels, matching candy and crush cookies to unlock exciting match 3 game modes.
Experience the ultimate candy crushing saga and help the characters in need! Crush candy, match jams, and cookie crush to uncover surprises in charming candy match 3 games. Explore a candy crush game paradise with magic cookies, jam, and candies. The match 3 game creates candy graphics and cheerful music to bring crush sweet candy or match 3 cookie gamers an immersive experience.

Indulge in an endless feast to crush candy and matching cookies within the Sweet Crunch Match 3 Game. Sweet Crunch is constantly optimizing with exciting match 3 games and building fascinating candy and crushing scenes. Start your tasty adventure filled with crushing juicy candies, jam-matching, and cookie-crushing excitement. Don't miss opportunities to start your crush candy adventure, renovate the shelters and build mansions for the lonely and injured characters. Sweet match-3 candy or cookie will leave you wanting more!

Candy Crushing Features:
• Thousands of well-designed jam, cookie & candy levels, and cute obstacles in this crush candy match 3 game.
• Use unique magic candy boosters to crush candy, cookies, jams, and sweeties to help you level up!
• Get daily crush candy rewards.
• Besides classic candy & cookie match 3 mode, discover the sweet match 3 game like challenging the cookie monster.
• Collect stars by crushing candy puzzles to unlock beautiful rooms in the match 3 game.
• No Wi-Fi or internet connection is required. This crush candy & cookie game is a great time killer.
• Regular updates new levels to crush candy, cookie, and jam games in match 3 to keep your brain challenged.
Join holiday events and build a sweet candy town with cute candy in match 3 candy & cookie crushing games.
Decorate your unique manors that tie into the story and save the characters in danger!

Crush candy, cookies, and jams in thousands of exciting levels in this match 3 game. During blast and crush candy & cookie, you will operate strategically to crush and match 3 pleasant candies and immerse in a salvation mission. Download this free crush candy and match 3 game to begin the sweet journey.