Empire falls eventually. Build your own empire and conquer the world.

Castle Empire Screenshot
Castle Empire Screenshot
Castle Empire Screenshot
Castle Empire Screenshot
Castle Empire Screenshot
3.0519.278 ( 3278 )
Mar 27, 2023
At the end of Medieval time, firearms prevailed. The knights who had been glorious for more than one thousand years began to withdraw from the main stage of history. The power of the old empire fell apart...
In Castle Empire, players will take on the role of alliance leader in the game and compete against the forces of the old empire with other players!
-The chivalry lives on
Eliminating evil and supporting the weak, building castles to protect your people. Unite with the surrounding rebels, and fight against the old empire together!
-Unique Castle Feature
Infinite map zoom, cutaway perspective, assign every castle room, training residents, and building your own dream castle!
-Casual Tower Defense at Your Fingertips
The game has added a casual tower defense gameplay, which is currently available in single-player mode. Although the gameplay is casual, it still offers strategic depth and requires certain finger flexibility!
-Real-time Combat Control
RTS large-scale map combat control, freely switch between marching and combat, multiple teams fighting simultaneously, flexible tactics and real-time operation, making the battlefield situation ever-changing!