DENT's global eSIM Data takes you from Google Play to online in < 5 minutes!

DENT: eSIM Phone Internet Screenshot
DENT: eSIM Phone Internet Screenshot
DENT: eSIM Phone Internet Screenshot
DENT: eSIM Phone Internet Screenshot
DENT: eSIM Phone Internet Screenshot
DENT: eSIM Phone Internet Screenshot
DENT: eSIM Phone Internet Screenshot
DENT: eSIM Phone Internet Screenshot
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Mar 27, 2023
Get started today and your first 100MB of worldwide eSIM data is on us! No purchase necessary.

Whether at home or abroad, DENT eSIM mobile data keeps you connected to the fastest 4G/LTE wireless internet. If your local mobile operator charges outrageous roaming fees and provides lackluster service overseas, you’re getting ripped off! Install your eSIM now so you are ready to go when you touch the ground.

When you download your DENT eSIM, you’re not just getting regular old local data connectivity. You’re getting another option to stay connected with voice and data when and where you want. Where your local operator fails, DENT is there for you.

eSIM with DENT:

- Worldwide data packages valid for 60+ countries
- Zero roaming fees while you are traveling
- 10 Worldwide Voice minutes free per GB of eSIM data purchased
- No subscription, no contract, no additional costs
- eSIM = no physical SIM card is needed
- Over the air installation of your digital SIM card (eSIM) —> no extra costs
- Environmentally friendly - no plastic, no shipping, no waste

Take a look at all the features of DENT:

1. Data is available for eSIM capable devices

With your DENT eSIM, you can add our worldwide data packages and stay connected to the internet at home or around the globe. Switch carriers without changing physical SIM cards anymore. With the following eSIM-capable devices you can use DENT eSIM Data:

- Samsung Galaxy S22 Series
- Samsung Galaxy S21 Series
- Samsung Galaxy S20, Galaxy S20+ & Galaxy S20 Ultra
- Samsung Galaxy Fold
- Samsung Galaxy Z Flip
- Google Pixel 6 Series
- Google Pixel 5 Series
- Google Pixel 4 Series
- Google Pixel 3 XL
- Google Pixel 3a & Pixel 3a XL
- Huawei P40
- Huawei P40 Pro
- Motorola Razr (2019)
- Nuu Mobile X5
- Rakuten Mini

How to install your eSIM with DENT:

1) Create a free account using your phone number and email and then receive a free 100MB joiner bonus.

2) Start the installation process of your DENT eSIM profile. Just follow the instructions.

3) Get connected to the fastest 4G/LTE mobile data connection.

Once your DENT eSIM is activated you can use it as long as you want. Top up your current worldwide eSIM data anytime to stay connected.

If you have troubles installing the DENT eSIM please visit our Help Desk:

2. Call your family & friends globally

Talk to your family and friends from everywhere in the world – without needing to buy local SIM cards, spend loads on roaming fees, or purchase expensive calling cards. DENT Voice enables global calls to over 140 countries.

- Call real mobile or landline numbers internationally – not just apps
- Keep your phone number visible for the person you call
- Stay connected when you are abroad without high costs

See all countries here:

3. Buy extra DENTs with PayPal, credit card, or cryptos

Buy DENTs securely and directly in the app and exchange them for eSIM data or voice minutes. We support various payment methods, like PayPal, credit card, ETH, and many more!

When using DENT Tokens as your payment method, you get 20% more mobile eSIM data for free. Upgrade your next 10GB data pack into 12GB, simply by using your DENT Tokens at checkout.

If you already own DENTs in your wallet, you can transfer them into the app – safely and quickly.


For further questions, please feel free to reach out anytime: or visit our Help Desk:

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