EZ Ping - easy ping tool. monitoring and manage your ping data network

EZ PING - Easy ping tool Screenshot
EZ PING - Easy ping tool Screenshot
EZ PING - Easy ping tool Screenshot
EZ PING - Easy ping tool Screenshot
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Mar 27, 2023
EZ Ping - easy ping tool is a tool networking, help you to manage and monitoring your ping.
Ez Ping is network utility that give you choose 3 mode auto ping or developer or octa ping mode.
-Auto ping you just one click to pinging a website or dns every second.
-Developer mode you can manage your ping, how much time you want pinging, and how long you want ping your website, this mode you will easily see min/average/max on your ping network.
-Octa ping mode on this mode you will be able to ping max 4 ping method. you can change every (1 ping) on every time you give.

This app is a simple ping and usable for android like command prompt ping in pc. We tried to keep it easy to use.
This tool can be used to determine if your device is connected to the internet.
like you know, Ping is a network utility used to test reachability of an IP address or a host. It can measure the packet trip time which is called latency.
Using ping command for troubleshooting network connectivity: Using ping command for troubleshooting networks will narrow down the causes of your networking.

- easy to use
- small size app, only 4 MB
- the setup not confusing, just click and go online.
- incredibly low latency
- Manage your cmd ping
- Monitoring your ping network

Just install and monitoring your ping like cmd ping on your window

Any questions ?

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