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Fizzo Novel - Reading Offline Screenshot
Fizzo Novel - Reading Offline Screenshot
Fizzo Novel - Reading Offline Screenshot
Fizzo Novel - Reading Offline Screenshot
Fizzo Novel - Reading Offline Screenshot
Fizzo Novel - Reading Offline Screenshot
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Mar 27, 2023
Fizzo is a mobile reading app with a diverse set of immersive novels and stories. Topics range from romance to werewolves, vampires, adventure and more.

Readers on Fizzo can enjoy a better experience of reading novels and stories with the following great features:
⚡️A wide variety of high quality novels and e-books no matter where or when you are reading;
⚡️The ability to download your favorite stories for offline access to all the stories, novels and books you like;
⚡️ Create a personal novel library to store your favorite books and novels in one place and keep up with all the novels' updates all the time;
⚡️A customized novel reading page;
⚡️Audio features for those who prefer to listen to books or novels rather than read them.

Fizzo is also a writer-friendly reading app:
⚡️Become a writer, and you can write your own stories or novels and get paid;
⚡️Join the authors' club, so you can communicate with other writers;
⚡️Share all your feelings and ideas when you interact with your readers in the comment area;
⚡️Tell us all the problems you have and we can improve together.

????Now, let's read your first favorite novel, story or book on Fizzo and begin your reading journey on the novels and books with all other people who like reading novels, writing novels and sharing novels!

????Here are some hit novels and stories from different book genres other readers are reading now on Fizzo. Let's read all of the stories together!

????Pregnant with the Alpha's Baby
Katelyn Stone has finally achieved her dream of joining the Elite Pack. She's excited to get to work with her hero, the renowned Alpha Braxton Steal. The handsome and enigmatic Braxton has no time for relationships despite the growing attraction between the two of them. Although they had a passionate night together, they agreed to pretend nothing happened except Katelyn can't forget...

????Mommy, Honey
How could she have a child without pregnancy or even a boyfriend? She was utterly dumbfounded. The sudden emergence of these children made her wonder where they came from...

????The Alpha's Maid Series
Levi Stone is an alpha, who is rumored to be ruthless, cold and merciless. He kills as a sport and anyone who dares to defy him has yet lived to tell the tale. Well, what does Alpha Stone do, when a young, attractive woman is being thrown into his arms by her older, malicious brother?

????Jack Stein Series
Stein woke that morning with blood in his piss and the taste of something more insidious deep within his brain. Strangely innocuous, deadpan — that was how it felt. As if none of it really mattered...

As a book reading App, you'll find romance, mystery, action, adventure, fantasy, billionaire and more novel and book genres on Fizzo. Not only interesting novel and story genres, but also tons of amazing novels and books for you to read. Here, on Fizzo, you can read, download the novels, stories or books you like, add them to your novel library and even listen to the audio version of your favorite novels and books. Fizzo makes it possible for you to customize your novel library and the features on your novel reading app page to have a better novel reading experience in this reading app. Besides, you also can comment below novels you like and communicate with others about all your feelings!

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