Take care of your pets and decorate your island with this cozy and relaxing app!

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Livly Island Screenshot
Livly Island Screenshot
Livly Island Screenshot
Livly Island Screenshot
Livly Island Screenshot
Livly Island Screenshot
2.2.0 ( 198 )
Mar 27, 2023
*New Owners Wanted!*

We're back! Livly Island⁠—home to those mysterious creatures known as livlies that eat bugs and poop jewels⁠—has been rebooted!

Located somewhere in Tokyo, the Livly Reboot Laboratory is searching for new owners to help conduct research on these mysterious beings born from the ancient art of alchemy.

Why not start a new and carefree life as a researcher, where you can raise livlies to your liking, style your homunculus avatar (hom) in fashionable outfits, and decorate your island with all kinds of exciting items

Look After Your Livlies

Livlies' bodies change color when they eat bugs. Feed your pets as part of your research and turn them into the colors of your choice. The best part is that livlies poop jewels which you can use to buy things at the shop!

Dress Up Your Hom

Pick a snappy outfit for your hom! Perhaps you'll want to coordinate your hom with your livly's appearance, or maybe even match the style of your island instead.

Decorate Your Island

Think of the island where your hom and your livlies reside in as a blank canvas. You can fill it with many items of your choice and decorate it in whatever style you please!

Grow Life-Changing Fruit

Water the island trees with a magical elixir and they will bear fruit that can be used to make a transformation compound called Neobelmin. Use this potion on your livlies to see how they transform!

Help Out at the Lab

You can get a part-time job at the lab and earn rewards that can be used to buy items. Turn your livly research hobby into a rewarding venture!

Livly Island is recommended for anyone who

- Loves cute animals.

- Loves creatures that look or act a little different.

- Wants a pet but can't have one.

- Wants to own an unusual pet.

- Likes miniature things and tabletop gardens.

- Enjoys fashion and creating avatars.

- Likes a slightly dark, gothic style.

- Just wants a relaxing hobby.