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LogicLike: Games for kids Screenshot
LogicLike: Games for kids Screenshot
LogicLike: Games for kids Screenshot
LogicLike: Games for kids Screenshot
LogicLike: Games for kids Screenshot
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Mar 27, 2023
????‍????LogicLike is a collection of games that foster learning and help children boost their thinking skills. Our games get automatically adapted to your child's age to drive their logic, memory and focus in the best possible way.

????LogicLike puzzles for children is a product of an experienced team of professional educators and psychologists. We create logic puzzles your child will love solving. On top of that, we take particular care of the app's design and animations not only to excite but also to reinforce the learning effect.

???? Solving LogicLike puzzles is a great exercise for children to advance their thinking skills. We recommend spending no more than 20 minutes a day playing LogicLike games. This way, your child won't be getting tired but will be getting used to learning. When it's the time, the app will prompt the child to take a break. Breaks are important to stay focused and always have an eye for logic detail.

???? LogicLike games for children are designed useful, plain-clear and simple. The puzzles are intuitive and have voice overs. All tasks have exciting images and hints that help children stay motivated and engaged. Puzzles are smartly collected into games within the app. Completing the games step-by-step is alike doing a learning course. It is a particular advantage of LogicLike that you can solve puzzles in English or other languages.

⌛️ Designing logic puzzles is a difficult task that takes thousands of hours, and we are pleased to be doing it for eight years already. Our mission is to show children that learning can be fun, to engage them in learning, and help face challenges and never give up. We want the next generation to be smart and think out of the box. Check out the app for yourself, some puzzles are completely free for you to make sure the game is worth the effort. Children love puzzles, brainteasers and quizzes, and adults often find them amusing too.

❤️ Enjoy your time with LogicLike! Hope your children will have the best memories of their family leisure with our app!

???? Why LogicLike: ????
• 6,200+ logic puzzles
• Exciting collections of hero cards
• Various rankings
• Appealing graphics of hints and tips
• Revision of solutions
• Certificates to share and print
• Voiceover and nice background music

???? Scope of games: ????
• 3D-geometry: figures, objects and their properties
• Chess for beginners
• Math tables: Sudoku, Kakuro, Number Snail, etc.
• Balance & weighing: liquids and solids
• Elementary school topics and math: multiplication table, mental math, addition and deduction, multiplication and division.
• Mathematics for preschool and Grades 1 and 2
• World Around Us: animals, countries and cities
• True or false
• Logic brainteasers: Odd One Out, Sets of Objects, Put in Order, Sort Objects and Jigsaw Puzzles.
• All sorts of other topical educational games for kids and toddlers.

???? New puzzles for kids are added to the library all the time.
???? The puzzles are great for kids of age 4+.

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Terms of service - https://logiclike.com/en/docs/public
Any questions - just drop us an email at office@logiclike.com

We are constantly updating LogicLike games for kids to always experience the excitement of their leisure. If you liked our logic puzzles for kids, please tell your friends about the LogicLike app ????