It is now easy to keep track of how many days you are with your lover!

Lovegg - Love Calendar Screenshot
Lovegg - Love Calendar Screenshot
Lovegg - Love Calendar Screenshot
Lovegg - Love Calendar Screenshot
Lovegg - Love Calendar Screenshot
Lovegg - Love Calendar Screenshot
Lovegg - Love Calendar Screenshot
Lovegg - Love Calendar Screenshot
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Mar 27, 2023
Lovegg, 2018 Love Counter for lovers and married couples. At this time, it's only on Android. It is the anniversary day where you can take notes and memorize the special days you are living with your partner, how many days you can get, first meeting, maybe first kiss, maybe first hand holding, anniversary, birthday, engagement and so on. calculation organization is a fun application that you can do in Turkish.

Love Counter Features:

Ana The main theme of the application; How Many Days Was It?
We offer you the time since the date of your initial introduction. You can find more details in the Statistics section as well as how many days are together.

❥ Statistics Feature
We provide you with a special message for the year since your date of association, up to the year, month, day, hour, minute, second. We provide you with a one-touch screen display, sharing, sharing in social gatherings.

❥ Establish Relationship Calendar
Lovegg takes note of your special days and notifies you when the time comes. He also calculates how much time your private notes you have entered have stayed.

❥ Photo Album
You can make a photo album of your special days and you can follow the last of these albums again.

❥ Multi Language Support
Lovegg Application provides English, Turkish, German, French, Russian, Spanish language support.

❥ Wallpaper Change
In order to be able to personalize the application more, there are ready-made background photographs. You can set a photo you want from your gallery as background. When calculating my days with my darling, do not you want to add the photo of the day you first met with your girlfriend in the background?

❥ Custom Widget Support
Love Counter, which you can see by name and day in the notification bar that we designed to be polite and eye-pleasing, will always be at the tip of your finger. You can set up your special day calendar by adding other widgets that we've edited to your phone's home page and any tab you like.

❥ Anniversary Day Calculation
With Lovegg you can keep the memory of the most special days you live with your partner, you can set how many days it will take to remind you. Once you have entered your anniversary and forget it, Lovegg will fulfill your anniversary counters and relationship counters successfully by reminding you before time.

❥ Special Day Calendar
Lovegg once records the day you met with the love of your life and provides you with reminders both on special days and on the specified date. At the same time, thanks to the day counselor, I am now confused by the question of how many days together with my girlfriend are together. Leave your relationship calendar, Lovegg tutsun, you see the pleasure.