awesome puzzle game, physics and logic

Only 1 Move Screenshot
Only 1 Move Screenshot
Only 1 Move Screenshot
Only 1 Move Screenshot
Version ( 1000002 )
Mar 27, 2023
Get ready for a unique and mind-bending challenge. In this captivating strategy game, your goal is to clear the board by moving only one token. With 60 levels filled with intricate puzzles, you'll dive into a world of increasingly difficult challenges.

Each level presents a unique board layout and a set of tokens that you must carefully arrange to achieve victory. Some tokens may block your path to success, while others could be crucial in solving the puzzle.

But be cautious, because you can only make one move per level. Every move counts, and you must plan your actions with precision to avoid getting stuck. There are no second chances! Only those with sharp minds and intelligent strategies can overcome all the challenges and reach glory.

"One Move, Please!" will keep you hooked with its sleek graphics, intuitive controls, and captivating soundtrack. As you progress, you'll face increasingly challenging obstacles that will test you and push your strategic skills to the limit.

Do you have what it takes to complete all 60 levels and become the master of the one move? Discover "One Move, Please!" now and showcase your cunning and problem-solving abilities!