Osman Gazi 3D RPG Game

Osman Gazi Screenshot
Osman Gazi Screenshot
Osman Gazi Screenshot
Osman Gazi Screenshot
Osman Gazi Screenshot
Osman Gazi Screenshot
Osman Gazi Screenshot
Osman Gazi Screenshot
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Mar 27, 2023
Take charge of the army with Osman Gazi and witness the foundation of the Ottoman Empire.
Play the story of an epic heroism inspired by real people and events.
Lead your people! All comrades like alps, balas and chicks are fighting under your leadership. Smooth story missions are waiting for you with stunning console-quality 3D graphics. The breathless adventure is accompanied by professional music. Lead the Kayi Clan on different maps and fight for your Oba and principalities!

The mobile action adventure game you've been looking for. Put on your armor, go on the attack! Defeat the rebels! Become the hero of the people and the army!

Action full of Conquest and Adventure
The most wonderful scenes you can see in the war game class are at Osman Gazi! Conquer the castles where rebels, fierce enemies roam! Put implacable enemies to the sword, draw your fate on the way from the Seljuks to the foundation of the Ottoman Empire. Defeat your opponents and achieve victory in order to grow the KAYI Oba, which is the relic of Ertuğrul Gazi. Build your state, fight for justice and righteousness.

Customizable Character!
You can customize your character in the Osman Gazi Game. You can equip yourself with anything you want from various swords, shields, armor and bows. You can also get a pet loyal steppe wolf that will fight with you. You will be generously rewarded with gold in each mission. Save the gold you collect, spend it in the store as you wish! Cool Axes, bows and more powerful equipment are waiting for you.

With a user-friendly interface and various mechanics from each other, experience the Osman Foundation scenario in 3D. Explore your world with extensive maps and stunning landscapes.

The control is completely in your hands!
Visit Bala Hatun in the market place and jungle, walk around the market to Malhun Hatun, or march on the enemy by taking Bamsi Bey, Turgut Alp, Konur Alp and more with the implacable valiant. Have the pleasure of controlling real Turkish heroes and directing your soldiers. Take a horse and gallop or swim to the enemy ship. Climb the flags to infiltrate the protected castles, sneak up behind them and fight with rival warriors.

Fight the Enemies of the Medieval!
Fight the real Mongol, Crusader, Byzantine, Vikings, Catalan soldiers who have existed in history. Eliminate your powerful opponents, the bloody alliances that have been formed, continue your struggle with those who seem friendly to you, disrupt the games that have been set up against you. Become a hero in a breathtaking story set in the Medieval and protect your people from brutal warriors. Survive the ambushes and move forward confidently. Set your goal, conquer Yenişehir and the castles!

No matter where you are, this non-stop action is at your fingertips. Feel the excitement everywhere! Download now for free and join the battle.

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You can contact us from the info panel in the game. If you want to meet other people in the game and keep up to date with new updates, you can follow us on our social media accounts.