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Parentune-Pregnancy, Parenting Screenshot
Parentune-Pregnancy, Parenting Screenshot
Parentune-Pregnancy, Parenting Screenshot
Parentune-Pregnancy, Parenting Screenshot
Parentune-Pregnancy, Parenting Screenshot
Parentune-Pregnancy, Parenting Screenshot
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Mar 27, 2023
Parentune helps a parent to celebrate each moment in their parenting journey ????

Parentune is a personalized Advice & Learning centre for each parent. You can ask your queries to Doctors and Experts anytime from anywhere. With Parentune, you can now make well-informed decisions for your child. You can learn the important aspects of your child’s health, nutrition, growth, development, mental health, special needs and more through specially created interactive Expert workshops anytime.

Why Parentune App Exists?

At Parentune, you will get experienced tried & tested pregnancy, baby care tips ???? & parenting support & solutions validated by fellow parents and vetted by experts. Discover reliable child growth tracker tips, and videos for the child's every stage.

Co learn with the Most Active parents in each stage of raising your child :

???? Toddler ????????
???? Preschooler (2-4 years old)
???? Primary Years (4-7 years old)
????Adolescent (8-11 years old)
????Preteen (11-12 years old)
????Teen Years (13+ years)

The Key Benefits once you join Parentune are

????5000 hours of interactive Expert workshop videos designed to help you learn for each stage of your child’s growth.

⏲️Ask your queries to top Doctors & Experts anytime from anywhere.

????‍⚕️Parentune has been designed with inputs from the leading Doctors and Experts and from our learnings in supporting millions of parents.

????Parentune is must-have support for each parenting stage, right from the time when you are looking to conceive or adopt a child or pregnancy till the time your child is 16 years old.

You can track your baby’s growth ???? right from pregnancy daily on Parentune. Whether you are an expecting parent who wants to learn and prepare for the next day, a new parent learning to swaddle your baby or trying to ensure good sleep for your child or a seasoned parent who is figuring out the mood swings of your teenager.

Parentune is an effective sounding board at each stage. Parentune provides you with personalized advice based on your interests and needs for your child's health, growth, nutrition, education or mental health. You can join Expert workshops on specific topics of your interest any time of the day, ask your questions to Doctors anytime and get prompt responses 24x7 ⏲️.

Our Most Loved Features ⭐

✅Instant Response: Ask Doctors & get Instant replies for pregnancy, newborn baby care, parenting, nutrition, child development, education, mental and emotional health and more

✅Workshops: Expert workshops in specific areas like nutrition, health, wellness, learning, child’s growth, speech & other development milestones

How to use Parentune ????

????Choose if you are a Mother????‍????or a Father????& the current stage of parenting
????Enter your child’s birth date or your expected due date of delivery
????Select your interests
????Validate details. Upon successful validation, you will start receiving personalized support for your parenting journey
????Ask your questions to Doctors about pregnancy till the 16-year-old child

Prizes & Recognition ????

Among the top parenting Apps globally, Featured by Wall Street Journal, HOT100 Tech Services in India, and Winner of NASSCOM Emerge50, featured by leading national & international media for supporting millions of parents.