A Digital Clock widget displays the date time and performs as an alarm clock.

Smart Clock, Digital Clock LED Screenshot
Smart Clock, Digital Clock LED Screenshot
Smart Clock, Digital Clock LED Screenshot
Smart Clock, Digital Clock LED Screenshot
Smart Clock, Digital Clock LED Screenshot
Smart Clock, Digital Clock LED Screenshot
Smart Clock, Digital Clock LED Screenshot
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Mar 27, 2023
Are you looking for an alternative to a manual clock right on your phone? This Smart Clock, Digital Clock LED is exactly a big watch, a clock wallpaper that helps to keep track of date time and set alarms conveniently.

Functions of Smart Clock, Digital Clock LED:
Displaying a time clock: When turning on the application, a clock will appear in the center of the screen. It stands out and is easy to read.
Setting alarm clock: The alarm setting is a daily task and now it has also been integrated on this smart clock. You just need to select the alarm button on the navigation bar below and you can manually set the time needed to start or perform a certain task.
Setting clock widget and date time wallpaper: Many people like to use the lock screen clock that represents themself. However, setting the time widget in a traditional way can make important parts of the photo be covered by the clock. In this app, we provide you with a lot of watch styles and you can custom time widget freely . We also design a lot of beautiful wallpapers for you to choose from, or you can also upload your own photos.

Reasons why you should have your phone as a Digital Clock
Smart Clock, Digital Clock LED is such a great app for people who are especially concerned with date time and those with eye problems.
First, you care about time management and always carry your phone with you. This app will let you read the time at a glance, set reminders and alarms for tasks. Our digital numbers are very clear and visible. You can set them as your wallpaper for both the lock screen and the home screen. Don't worry about the aesthetics either. With our stock date and time widget templates, in terms of beauty, you probably find a wallpaper you like.
On the other hand, for those who have vision issues, instead of those clocks with small and pale letters, you can consider our digital clock. Our free clock widget is adjustable in size, font and even background. You won't have to put your eyes close to your phone and try to read the small text on it.
When you rotate the screen time horizontally, you can turn it into a real digital clock or digital time with seconds. Enjoy the Always On Display feature or choose to show only on touch to turn it into a bedside clock at bedtime.

Reasons why you should have your phone as an Alarm Clock
Beside being a digital clock, the application has another main function, which is an alarm setting function. This is not a new feature yet we have been trying to optimize it to be more and more efficient.
This alarm clock works for many people. Even the one who is the hardest to get up. Our watch can play the alarm very loud, enough to wake anyone up. However, the sound is quite pleasant, you can wake up comfortably and refreshed.
In addition, an alarm clock isn’t just for waking up. You can set this smart clock to remind yourself of the tasks to be done, now the order of which activities. So enjoy using this loud alarm clock, you will be able to manage, divide and use your time efficiently.

Let's wake up and manage your time wisely with this Smart Clock, Digital Clock LED. With this clock's accuracy, you can track the day of the week and date right on this app by date widget. Thus you don't need to worry about being late.

And in the upcoming version, we assume to provide you with many new features including a math alarm clock.

It is such a great pleasure for us to accompany you every day. Hopefully this application can help you have a more effective working day and help you more in life.

If you have any questions or problems, please contact us via quantumtech2021@gmail.com. Each of your contributions as well as your 5 * reviews will be a great motivation for us and Smart Clock, Digital Clock LED to improve the user experience more and more.