Sprite Ninja: Endless running game with Ninja Hattori. challenge friends

Sprite Ninja Ninja Hattori Run Screenshot
Sprite Ninja Ninja Hattori Run Screenshot
Sprite Ninja Ninja Hattori Run Screenshot
Sprite Ninja Ninja Hattori Run Screenshot
Sprite Ninja Ninja Hattori Run Screenshot
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Mar 27, 2023
Sprite ninja is an endless running game focusing ninja hattori . ninja hattori try to explore the amazing land protected by the ranger .when ranger find out hattori try to escape from the ranger So Ninja hattori is ready to jump, slide, dodge, skate and dash through the different obstacle.

Sprite Ninja offers thrilling gameplay with unique power-ups, including a magnet to collect coins, a sprint ability to bypass obstacles, and jumping shoes for high jumps. Additionally, the game features a rewarding roll mechanic where players can collect and drop rolls in magical locations to win prizes.

The main feature of the game are:

1. You can add your friend through the username and Id.
2. You can challenge your high score to your friend
3. You can win daily amazing reward such as ninja hattori customization board
4. You can have an amazing real time leader board where a player can challenge the player of the leader board and become number 1 runner
5. Mission and achievement add have to make fun to next level in this endless running game
6. You can buy amazing other ninja character and skate board customized with ninja hattory
7. You can also option to make in-app-purchase

Ninja hattori is a fan favorite character, which sprite ninja is focusing mainly in this game. There are many other fan favorite character such as doreamon, rudra, shinchan, oggy, shiva, motupatlu etc.

At Dark Matter Game Production, we are dedicated to creating games featuring fan-favorite characters. Ninja Hattori is just the beginning! We value your feedback and want to know which character you'd love to play in future games. Let us know in your reviews!
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Join Ninja Hattori on an adrenaline-pumping adventure in Sprite Ninja and experience the thrill of endless running like never before!