Brave the Storm!

Storm Runners Screenshot
Storm Runners Screenshot
Storm Runners Screenshot
Storm Runners Screenshot
Storm Runners Screenshot
1.30 ( 1154039 )
Mar 27, 2023
Years ago, a climate catastrophe poisoned the world and gave rise to all sorts of mutated creatures. Humanity retreated to what is now the Antarctic Tropics and only a few heroes known as Storm Runners dare to seek out the mysteries within the Storm!

Storm Runners venture forth together, bringing unique weapons and abilities to their team. Malora uses her long-range blaster, Zero wields his katana to deal with enemies up close, Uma carries dual pistols to target multiple foes at once, and Zale battles with a hammer in hand.

The chapter map allows you to choose your own path through the storm, unlocking new levels and meeting new challenges. Each chapter has multiple paths that you can explore, conquer, and return to again and again.

Through your travels you will collect weapons, armor and accessories to outfit your Storm Runners. Investing in your Storm Runners and their equipment will help you advance through more difficult chapters.

As you progress on each adventure, Mod Mox offers abilities that will upgrade your entire team! Each chapter takes you through new settings where you fight fantastic creatures, face epic enemy bosses, and sometimes discover new allies.