USB camera/webcam app android to connect external cameras, UVC, USB webcam, easy

USB CAMERA Screenshot
USB CAMERA Screenshot
USB CAMERA Screenshot
1.2.0 ( 16 )
Mar 27, 2023
we present to you, USB camera/webcam for android to connect with any device like endoscope camera, webcam test, USB camera or any external camera
How to use a USB camera android:
first step: open the app on your phone read the intro + accept the permissions now you will see a window to check USB otg without use any other apps click on check and the app check if your phone supports otg or not now put your USB camera on your phone you can use an adapter from USB to micro USB OTG or type-c port you can use EasyCap or without EasyCap connector make sure the light of USB camera is on if have it to be sure the USB camera is connected on the app webcam click on open and accept permission of the external camera now you can see the live image from your web camera you can choose the resolution or contrast and more like take pictures or record videos
gallery of USB camera it's very easy to see your picture or videos just open it and browse delete or share it

what you can use the USB camera webcam:
you can use it as a security camera by just a webcam to guard your home. or as a mini camera on your clothes, you can record in the background or home screen and you can use it in more things like connected with the endoscope camera Borescope to look inside drains without help the plumbing repair

if you have a problem with our endoscope/webcam, please contact us to help you ♥