Credit Card in minutes, #VexiCashback and Months Without Interest with Amex.

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Mar 27, 2023
Manage your Vexi Credit Card safely and comfortably through the Vexi App. Download it and learn about its features to get the best experience:

-Invite and earn 5% of EACH payment made by your referrals to their Vexi¹ Card for 6 months. No referral limit and no bonus limit!
-Check the information to earn with the rewards program #VexiCashback² up to $1,500 mxn per month!
-Differ your purchases to 3, 6, 9 and up to 12 months with interest with the functionality of payment plans.
-Make your phone recharges without leaving your application.
-Retrieve your customer number.
-Check your statement of account and contract.
-Contact Customer Service with our VexiBot.
- Enter quickly and safely through biometrics.
- Check cut-off date and payment deadline.
- Turn your Cards (digital and physical) on and off.
- View your movements in real time (purchases, bonuses and payments).
- Renew the data of your digital Card, to buy safely online.
- Define a maximum purchase amount for greater security.
- Know the data of the digital card for online purchases.
- Review your movements of the last 3 months in an organized way.
- Know in detail the fixed payment plans or current MSI promotions.
- Edit your data from the "my account" menu.
- Accept your line increments.

Some functions that you already know are not yet available in the Vexi App, but you can continue to use them through our Web App, which will work as it currently does:

-Report for theft or loss.
-Unrecognized charges or clarifications.
-Change or unlock PIN for your Vexi American Express® Card.
-Notifications of access to your account.

Soon we will add more features to your Vexi App.

We want you to be part of the improvement of Vexi App, if you have any questions or suggestions you can write to us at or

Start or transform your credit history with Vexi!

Request your Credit Card online, without checking income and without complicated procedures. With the support of Carnet and American Express, also with #Multiple benefits for you such as: No annuity, Months Without Interest³, rewards and more:

Be part of the movement that seeks to transform traditional banking in Mexico, make it #Multipossible at Check everything we have for you!

¹ Check terms and conditions:
² Check terms and conditions:
³ Benefit of Months Without Interest in American Express participating establishments.

American Express is a brand of American Express ®. Cards are issued by Vexi under license from American Express®