Wordus is a fun word game

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Wordus Screenshot
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Mar 27, 2023
"Wordus" is a casual and fun word guessing puzzle game with multiple levels. Try to guess a word and use the tile color to help guide your next decision. Come and download this game!

Game Features :
????There will be tile color hints for each word sent, use these clues to guess the related word.
???? The game has nice graphics and beautiful music
????Classic and innovative puzzle game that not only relaxes but also improves brain power.
???? A game party for all ages, intelligence and fun

How to play:
???? Enter a word on the keyboard, and the tile color of the word will give a hint after sending it successfully
????You can enter the next word according to the prompt, there are 5-7 chances to try to guess the correct word
???? Use quest tools and hint tools to advance the game when you get stuck!
???? Are you still worried? Invite your family and friends and let them join the game

Now let's play this addictive word guessing puzzle game:
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Thank you all for downloading and supporting Wordus. Good luck and have fun!