Real-time trading, settlement and market data from your mobile device

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1.3.5 ( 25 )
Mar 27, 2023
ZAR X, a regulated and licensed stock exchange and a global leader in real-time (T-0) trading and settlement, makes it safe to buy and sell securities through your mobile device.

Sign up and get access to free real-time news and data of securities listed on ZAR X as well as access to a list of ZAR X approved brokers, which you can register with to begin trading, all through your mobile device.

Manage your entire ZAR X portfolio from your mobile device with instant notifications, order placement and live market data for informed trading decisions.
Enjoy ease of access with integration to the ZAR X exchange and online acceptance of CSDP and Broker mandates as well as automated KYC processes and verification with certain brokers.

Sign up with a ZAR X approved broker and benefit from:

- Zero safe custody and monthly fees
- Transaction Fees at an order placement level, not per trade
- Only pay when you actually transact
- De-risked through a pre-funded model
- Investor funds kept in ZAR X Nominees, a bankruptcy remote company

ZAR X is a regulated and licensed multi-counter stock exchange.

Terms and Conditions Apply.